On Tegan playing a show without Sara

  • Tegan: We had a street team, this was like early 2000s so I called and someone from the street team picked me up..
  • Fan: That was me!
  • Sara: It was you? ...Okay so how do we know you're not just saying that, what did you do for Tegan?
  • Fan: Piers called me and I had to go to Walmart
  • *audience laughing*
  • Tegan: Wait, wait, wait, shh.
  • Sara: Hold in your laughter, hold on.
  • Fan: I went to pick up art supplies and then I met Tegan at the (?) Victoria park, then she gave me Sara's backstage pass, we glued some bristle board together, Tegan lay down, I was tracing her...
  • Tegan: It's true, this is a true story.
  • Fan: I got inbetween her legs and she goes "do you know how many people wanna be here right now"
  • Tegan: Obviously.
  • Sara: That sounds like something Tegan would say, okay so..
  • Fan: We did a cut out of Tegan to create a Sara and uh, stuck you to a microphone stand..
  • Sara: Just in case anyone's missing this, they basically made a bristle board me and then they stuck me to a micrphone stand.
  • Fan: Sara, I got to talk to you on the phone.
  • Sara: You did, you did talk to me on the phone.
  • Fan: And the Tegan threw up before she went on stage.
  • Tegan: I was very nervous, yes, and then I got up on stage and then what happened?
  • Fan: You didn't know Sara's parts so the crowd sang Sara's parts for you.
I’m not sure why this video was on Tumblr or if Tegan intended it to be online or it was leaked when her computer got hacked. I don’t want to make a big deal out of this so I’m posting this on this blog

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    "Ha. Arrow is definitely a bit of a metaphor song. At least to me. Sara sort of created this world. Where you have to use a bow and arrow to capture your love. She was chasing someone who wanted her but then didn’t want her depending on the day. It was a secret affair. The arrow I think was her metaphor for her desire? Ha."
    Tegan Quin (via qvoth-the-raven)

    "We’re not actually sisters. It’s just, that was so that we would sell more records. She’s actually just some hoe that lived in my neighborhood."
    Sara Quin (via fortheloveofquin)